Your Dutch journey begins here

Start. Expand. Invest. Grow. The Netherlands offers a unique opportunity to both leverage its innovative business environment and benefit from the positive Dutch work culture and superb quality of life. With Europe’s most connected entrepreneurial ecosystem, “entry points” are available via public and private partners alike; giving you access to networks and helping you hit the ground running. To encourage you to join us and make your Netherlands-bound journey as smooth and effective as possible, the entry points rollout the Orange Carpet treatment, a specially tailored welcome for newcomers to the Dutch community

Choose Your Route

Whether you’re a startup, established corporation, investor, or an individual talent, there’s a strategic partner in place to help you navigate the relevant processes, connect you with the right networks, and advocate on your behalf. These organizations form the four entry points into the Netherlands and offer customized versions of the Orange Carpet rollout; making it easier to set up shop in the Netherlands.

For Investors > uses its intimate knowledge of the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem and strategic players in the market to identify unique opportunities for investors to get involved with and interesting startup and scaleup ventures.


Marjan Blumberg -

For Startups >

A special 'scheme for startups' makes it easier than ever for international startups to get a foot in the door of the Netherlands and make the most of the diverse, innovative and international business scene. The Netherlands Point of Entry supports incoming startup and scaleup founders. Having made sure they understand your specific needs, they assist with a smooth transition and help you connect with 31 Dutch startup visa facilitators and startup communities throughout the Netherlands.


Rutger de Graaf -

For Corporates >

The NL Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) facilitates and supports established corporates expanding into the Netherlands. The NFIA works to personalize business solutions for incoming corporates; connecting you with relevant business partners, economic development organizations and government institutions.


For Talent >

Expat services provide a one-stop-shop for international talent looking to settle in the Netherlands and contribute to our growing innovation hub. There are a number of resources available to ensure a seamless transition of work and life.